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Compete for 100,000 SEK

Airport Innovation
Challenge 2014

Bromma Stockholm Airport –
Solutions for ground noise reduction in the residential area of Bromma Kyrka, Stockholm

The competition is closed

Think innovatively and develop solutions together with Swedavia

Swedavia invites you to participate in our international innovation challenge, giving you the opportunity to share your creative solutions for reducing ground noise from Bromma Stockholm Airport. The purpose of the challenge is to find a smart solution that is both effective in reducing ground noise in the residential area of Bromma Kyrka, and also makes a positive element in the surrounding landscape in Bromma Kyrka. Now, you have the chance to – together with Swedavia – provide innovative solutions to solve this important task!

Participate in this exciting challenge for the chance to receive a 100,000 SEK award, and the opportunity to see your idea realized at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

Have what it takes to solve the “Airport Innovation Challenge”?

We are looking for people who can develop feasible solutions and who can address the challenge holistically. You can compete individually, or with a team of members from different academic fields and with different skills: acoustics, geotechnics, architecture, construction engineering, etc.

Register today to receive more information about the case and submit your smart ideas.

How to compete

1 Prepare

Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to participate in the challenge. We allow both individual and team applications. However, we recommend that you team up with people who have various skill sets so that you can increase your chances of developing a competitive solution.

2 Register

Enter the competition by registering your personal information.

3 Ask Swedavia questions

There will be opportunities for your team to get your questions answered by Swedavia’s airport experts to develop your idea to perfection.

4 Submit your entry

Present your innovative idea and upload it on the challenge website.

5 Finals

5 finalists will be chosen and given the opportunity to refine their entries based on feedback from Swedavia. The finalists present their final ideas to the judging panel, consisting of representatives from Swedavia, relevant experts and residents of Bromma Kyrka.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Swedavia Airport Innovation Challenge 2014!

The competition is now closed and no new submissions will be accepted. We look forward to reviewing all of your exciting solutions and will evaluate them according to the criteria listed on the website. The jury will start their evaluation of the entries on March 11th, and you will be notified when the finalists have been picked. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process please contact us at swedavia@studentcompetitions.com or read more in the case description.

In the next step finalists will be given the opportunity to develop their solutions further. More information will be provided to finalists later on.

The jury will then do a second evaluation and announce the winner in spring 2014.

Meanwhile, you can read more about Swedavia and what we do at www.swedavia.com.

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Important dates

December 23, 2013 The challenge opens
March 7, 2014 Team registration deadline
March 7, 2014 Idea submission deadline

Observe that the dates may change.
Keep yourself updated on our website.